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Pharmacologic agents are a common cause of galactorrhea. Some medications known to cause galactorrhea are listed in Table 1 . 2 , 3 These agents can block dopamine and histamine receptors, deplete dopamine stores, inhibit dopamine release, and stimulate lactotrophs. Estrogen in oral contraceptives can cause galactorrhea by suppressing the hypothalamic secretion of prolactin inhibitory factor and by direct stimulation of the pituitary lactotrophs. Galactorrhea also may develop following estrogen withdrawal because of the absence of the inhibitory effect on prolactin action at the breast. 3 , 4

These mutations inhibit PAH from converting the essential amino acid Phe into tyrosine (Tyr). This inhibition results in elevations in blood Phe, which contribute to elevations in brain Phe. 5-7

◆30 Novembre 2017◆
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in occasione della giornata mondiale per la lotta con l'AIDS,
vi invita all'aperitivo con sensibilizzazione a questo importante argomento.
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DJ Ferrari* L.Ferrari - Game Of LifeDJ Ferrari* L.Ferrari - Game Of LifeDJ Ferrari* L.Ferrari - Game Of Life