Sweet noise - płomień życia

Sweet Noise is a Polish alternative metal band. The group was formed in 1990 in Swarzędz . They have released eight CDs (included two international versions) and appeared three times at the Przystanek Woodstock festival with the special show in 2003 when more than 400,000 people watched the culmination of what the band refers to as conceptual art of Revolta White Shock. The leader and creator of the band is Peter "Glaca" Mohamed. Mohamed is the singer, musician, performer, producer and conceptual artist. He developed an experimental, multimedia project Noise Inc.. He is also involved in project Serce with Toshi Kasai and which is a musical outfit run by Mohamed and Justin Chancellor , the bass player of Tool .

I watch the screen that burns
The screen that flows with blood at night
And i blame
I blame myself for what I see
I blame myself

I hear them begging for marcy
Praying for drops of rain
For the rain to come
And wash the blood and dust away
The last wish

I hear the roar of the raging wind
The truth lays in the eyes
Of a raped, disgraced child

I close my eyes
I pretend I don't need to see
When I open those eyes
It's shame, shame, shame you'll see
The world has gone insane
It's so cold and insane
And I still blame
I blame myself