Macabre - drill bit lobotomy (limited tour edition)

The player assumes the role of Alex Shepherd, a Special Forces soldier who returns home from an overseas tour of duty to find that his father and younger brother are missing, [8] and that his mother has gone into catatonia . [9] Alex begins to search for his brother, leading him to Silent Hill after searching his hometown of Shepherd's Glen. [9]

”AHS” creator Ryan Murphy has wanted a Charles Manson-centric season for a while now. In a 2013 interview with Deadline , Murphy said Season 3 of the series almost focused on the cult leader whose followers carried out a series of murders in the late 1960s, including the grisly death of actress Sharon Tate. Murphy later decided against using the Manson story, saying it wasn’t respectful for the victims and citing the difficulties in getting rights. 

Ask a well-traveled shmupper to name some examples of shooters that were “ahead of their time”: you’re certain to hear him rattle off a number of entries found on the  “Defining Shmups” list , and rightly so. A handful of well-decorated veterans, however, might throw you a curveball in the form of this unsung pioneer from UPL, hardly the company’s only shooter but almost certainly the magnum opus of their largely-underground catalog. No major surprises await in the setup (blow up each part of a Big Ol’ Meanie-Face Spaceship before it rips Earth a new one), presentation (no better than par for the time), or weapons (a spread shot or straight laser), but Omega Fighter stands apart as one of the very first shmups to place a decided emphasis on exploiting a scoring system that ventures beyond the self-explanatory boundaries of “kill lots of things” and/or “pick up lots of things”: try to find a more recent release that hasn’t in some way followed in this shooter’s unsung footsteps!

Macabre - Drill Bit Lobotomy (Limited Tour Edition)Macabre - Drill Bit Lobotomy (Limited Tour Edition)Macabre - Drill Bit Lobotomy (Limited Tour Edition)Macabre - Drill Bit Lobotomy (Limited Tour Edition)